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Eurasia Intercontinental Trading, works closely with suppliers, manufacturers, local businesses, governments and other organizations to address complex challenges of trading on a global scale.


Our partners contribute much more than just their products. Their ideas,

services, in-kind support and

more, help us to bring a

higher level of service

to our customers.


Poultry Products

The main origins for our Poultry products are from Ukraine, Brazil & Spain.

Currently, only our Brazil and Spain suppliers are approved to export to China with government registered Plants & SIF number.

Ukrainian Poultry in not approved for export to China. 

We work with numerous trusted suppliers to achieve large volumes and have staff present at loadings to ensure the quality.

* Any confidential details are used only internally in the Eurasia Intercontinental Trading Group.


** You agree that Eurasia Intercontinental Trading may collect, use and disclose your personal data provided in this form, for sending marketing materials that you have agreed to receive, in accordance with our data protection policy. 

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