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We are back in Ukraine! Thank you for the support.

We are deeply concerned and have been exposed directly to the horrors of the war in Ukraine. The continued attacks on civilians and the everyday way of life of the Ukrainians oppressed by the 'special military operation' carried out by the Russian government are simply horrific.

We have all endured a lot over the last few years with the pandemic and the rising cost of living internationally. Now, we all suffer from the unwarranted attack on the independent nation of Ukraine.

At Eurasia Intercontinental Trading, we received a phenomenal response from our friends and clients that allowed us to assist on the ground within Ukraine. Over the last 3-months, our company operations have temporarily halted to assist in the humanitarian crisis. Most of our staff and directors live in Ukraine so we have been able to reaffirm our support for the people of Ukraine on the ground, where it matters the most since the war started.

We have been busy transporting food, essentials and medicine, providing transport to civilians escaping and ensuring humanitarian deliveries to areas of Ukraine considered too dangerous and thus overlooked by larger charities and organisations.

In addition to the work that is already done, we continue to work closely with local charities in Ukraine to provide essential goods to the Ukrainian population and families of displaced Ukrainians internally. Our employee safety remains a high priority but we have collectively decided to continue our commitment to provide support on the ground within Ukraine.

As for now, we look forward to restarting our export activities from our Ukraine offices as we hope to continue to be able to provide a living for our Ukrainian staff and their families. Additionally, we will be allocating a percentage of our profit margins to the local charities we work with and pray for continued support from the international community.

To all the individuals and companies that have assisted us. Thank you for your efforts and patience. The support for the free people of Ukraine is crucial to all of us. We assume it will take extensive time for a full recovery but we truly believe in the willpower of Ukraine and its people.

Slava Ukraini!!!

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