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Gas Oil & Petroleum

Buyer Facilitation & Consultancy for Petroleum Oil & Gas 

Eurasia Intercontinental Trading is a buyer's advocate for the purchase and facilitation of Petroleum Oil and Gas products from leading national oil refineries and are able to provide a secure and direct source for these products.

We help facilitate transactions by allowing buyers to transact directly with the refineries, whilst working with our partners to arrange the logistics in order to enable transaction's on a CIF basis. This is a great advantage as leading national refineries in Russia such as Gazprom & Rosneft do not engage in CIF transactions.


Please note that Eurasia Intercontinental Trading does not represent these national refineries as mandates, we are a facilitator that is able to structure these deals directly with the refineries, through our partners.


​​​Standard products that we have access to are;

  • Gasoil EN590: EURO 5 10PPM

  • Gasoil (Diesel): GOST 305-82 50PPM

  • Gasoil (Diesel) D2 200PPM

  • Gasoil (Diesel) D2 100PPM​

  • Fuel Oil 180cst

  • Fuel Oil 380cst

  • LNG

  • LPG

Origins can be from Russia, Kazakstan and Singapore for refined products.

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