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We work closely with veteran farms, managing the quality, international export and distribution of these Egg Products directly from Ukraine.

We currently deliver on CIF terms worldwide

in particular the Middle-East and Gulf.


Chicken Egg Products

Eurasia Intercontinental Trading works hard to meet the demand for consistent, high-quality supplies of fresh chicken eggs and poultry products to the Gulf and Middle Eastern markets.

The primary origin of our egg products is from Ukraine, where we manage a coalition of veteran poultry and egg producers and are the exclusive party in charge of international exports for the coalition of farms.

At our offices in Ukraine, we oversee everything from the production to the loading of the products into containers. As the containers are loaded, we conduct quality checks box-by-box to ensure our clients only receive the freshest unbroken eggs. We export these eggs and poultry products weekly to the Middle East, predominantly to Jebel Ali.

All of our farms within Ukraine meet all of the necessary Middle East and GCC requirements for health, quality and the production of halal meats. We are also the producers and exclusive owners of two trademarks for poultry and eggs.

Jebel Ali Free Zone
GCC Approved
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Colours & Sizes

Brown & White Colour
Fresh Chicken Eggs

White & Brown Eggs - Eurasia Intercontin



  • White Colour

  • Brown Colour

Medium Size (>52g)
Fresh Chicken Eggs

Fresh Chicken Eggs in Box - Eurasia Inte

Shipped in a 40' Reefer Container


1,248 boxes per container

360 eggs per box

19kg to 20kg per box


  • A Grade

  • White Shell

  • Clean – No dirt

  • Cracks less than 5% upon receiving

  • No blood and meat spots

  • Free from Salmonella bacteria

  • Free from Antibiotic residue

  • Haugh Unit above 70

  • Yolk colour between 11 and 14 (colour fan)

Meet the requirements for;​

  • GSO Standard for A-Grade;

  • GSO Standardization Organization GSO 1002/2014 (E)


Please fill in our quotation form to receive a detailed specification and up-to-date price quotation. Thank you.


Large Size (53-62g)
Fresh Chicken Eggs

Fresh Chicken Egg - C2 Size - Eurasia In

Shipped in a 40' Reefer Container


1,248 boxes per container

360 eggs per box

22kg to 23kg per box

Extra-Large Size (<62g)
Fresh Chicken Eggs

Fresh Table Eggs - Eurasia Intercontinen

Shipped in a 40' Reefer Container


931 boxes per container

360 eggs per box

23kg to 24kg per box

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