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" We help you find the best solution such     that you get the maximum recoverable      value for your goods. "

Our Solutions

On occasion, Sellers are faced with the issue of distressed cargo, whereby late delivery or buyer default occur resulting in deterioration, demurrage of the cargo and ultimately, lowering the margins. This gives the Seller only a short time to act.


Our company will use our extensive network of agents and buyers to find the best solution to the problem. Our specialists will analyse the situation and will make sure that you get the maximum recoverable value for your product.


Currently, we only deal with Agricultural goods but are able to make some exceptions depending on the location of the cargo, relative to our agents. We are currently servicing West-Africa, Eastern-Europe and South-East Asia. We can find a temporary storage facility to store the distressed cargo until a solution can be offered.


Our network worldwide work for us and send a request for a last-minute buyer. Our most successful results have been within the West-Africa region, where buyers have defaulted on the payment to suppliers and as a result we were able to quickly step in and find an alternate buyer.


Eurasia Intercontinental Trading may also consider purchasing the cargo and to settle the outstanding claims of the various interested parties. 



Tel:          +65 3163 8465 #003

For detailed enquires please e-mail or call us

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