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Eurasia Intercontinental Trading works closely with the historical apple farmers located in Western
Ukraine to share sweet and refreshing

Apples to the world!


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Fresh Apples

Our Apples are the symbol of the quality fruit produced in Ukraine with the highest standards for quality, freshness and taste.

Our products are certified Global GAP, Halal and are transported while closely monitored by our staff to ensure consistent satisfaction. 

The farms we manage in Ukraine grow a wide variety of apples. Most from the western areas of the country, near the cities of Vinnitsya and Ternopil, ideal farming land due to the fresh crisp air and pure sunshine. 

Apple Locations
GCC Approved

We personally oversee each shipment that leaves our farms in Ukraine and carefully control the quality of the products that are finally exported. 

Typically, we send our apples in Bushel Boxes filled with a special organic gas to preserve product for its journey by ship.

*please note varieties of the apples are seasonal

Colours & Sizes

Royal Gala
Fresh Apple

Royal Gala.png

The Gala Apple, also known as a Royal Gala Apple, when the apple is more than 50% red in colour, is one of the most popular apples in the world.

It’s taste is very sweet and is ideal as a snack.

Available all year round, harvested in July

Granny Smith
Fresh Apple

Grany Smith.png

The Granny Smith apple is a popular all-purpose apple. Known for their distinctive green skin that has an occasional red blush and very tart flavour. This type of apple is great either as a snack or cooking.


Available all year round, harvest beginning in August

Golden Delicious
Fresh Apple

Golden Delicious.png

The Golden Delicious Apple has a mild, sweet flavour similar to honey. Great as a snack but also for cooking.

Available all year round

Red Delicious
Fresh Apple

Royal Gala.png

The Red Delicious Apple is the most popular variety apple in the United states and has a sweet but very mild flavour. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness.

Available from September

Fresh Apple


A blend of Ralls Janet and Red Delicious apples, the Fuji apple offers a sweet taste and firm flesh.

Available all year round, beginning in September

Red Chief
Fresh Apple

Red Chief.jpeg

The Red Chief apple has a vivid red skin with a dense fine-grained flesh. It has an acid-sweet fresh taste with a pleasant and strong varietal aroma. 

Available from September

Red Prince
Fresh Apple

Red Prince.png

Red Price Apple


Fresh Apple

Champion Apple.png

The Champion Apple is a blend of the Golden Delicious Apple and the Cox Orange Apple. It has firm white flesh and has a refreshing, slightly tangy taste.

Available from April till December


Product Characteristics 
Sizes: 100 – 113 – 125 – 138 – 155 (per box)
Aspect: Unwaxed
Origin: Ukraine​


Packing Type: Boxes
Dimensions of Box: 32W x 52L x 32H

Weight of Box: 18Kg

Meet the requirements for;​

  • Global GAP Certification*

  • Standards for Import to GCC

*dependant on the farm

Please fill in our quotation form to receive a detailed specification and up-to-date price quotation. Thank you.

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