Eurasia Intercontinental Trading works closely with the historical apple farmers located in Western
Ukraine, to share sweet and refreshing

Apples to the world!


Fresh Apples

Our Apples are the symbol of the quality fruit produced in Ukraine with the highest standards for quality, freshness and taste.

Our products are certified Global GAP, Halal and are transported while closely monitored by our staff to ensure consistent satisfaction. 

The farms we manage in Ukraine grow a wide variety of apples. Most from the western areas of the country, near the cities of Vinnitsya and Ternopil, ideal farming land due to the fresh crisp air and pure sunshine. 

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We personally oversee each shipment that leaves our farms in Ukraine and carefully control the quality of the products that are finally exported. 

Typically, we send our apples in Bushel Boxes filled with a special organic gas to preserve product for its journey by ship.

*please note varieties of the apples are seasonal

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