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Singapore International Chamber of Comerce Eurasa Intercontinental Trading
Internatioal Chamber of Commerce Eurasia Intercontinental Trading
Singapore Business Federation Eurasia Intrcontinental Trading
HQ Registered in Singapore
Member Since 2016


Eurasia Intercontinental Trading is an established international trading company that specialises in helping businesses worldwide source product alternatives that make sense economically and that are of equal or higher quality.


Headquartered in Singapore, our experienced trading team has just what you need. Through our connections and relationships, we can help your business secure lower prices for what you need, when you need it.


Our guarantee for high-quality products but with the lowest possible prices stems from the fact that these countries are undergoing economic and financial structural changes and thus, many products are available at lower prices.


We are aligned with current market trends and are able to develop new relationships with trading partners while maintaining the same levels of trust and quality. 



We have Partners and Agents World Wide

Currently, we have Agents in the following;

  • Brazil

  • Peru

  • Indonesia

  • HongKong

  • Ukraine

  • Singapore

  • India

  • South-Africa

  • Spain

  • Russia

  • Nigeria

  • Turkey

We are aligned with current market trends and are constantly developing new relationships with partners, whilst still maintaining the same levels of security for our clients.


This is achieved through the use of our networks within Eastern Europe, in particular, Russia and Ukraine.

We work closely with producers and local business owners to ensure a smooth transportation process avoiding complications with customs clearance and the possibility of corrupt practices.

- Founder & Chairman, Robert Akira Bell

Our Global Reach


Ukraine & The Black Sea Region


Our business was founded on the opportunities arising from the 2014 Ukraine crisis, particularly within the agricultural and poultry export markets. Due to the exposure during this sensitive period and our director's backgrounds, we have been able to form a strong foundation of partners and business owners in Ukraine & the Black Sea Region. 


Ukraine's biggest opportunity is in its agricultural production and export market. Over 70% of its land is used for agricultural business and the country also has 33% of the world's richest black soils.



Hence, it is no surprise that they are one of the largest exporters in the world and constantly improving the quality of goods and the technology to increase their yield in preparation for new export markets and higher demand. 

No. 1

producer of sunflower

in the world

No. 1

exporter of sunflower oil

inthe world

No. 2

exporter of grains in

the world


growth in grain yield

over the last 10 years

No. 3

exporter of corn in

the world

The strong devaluation of both the Ukrainian Grivna and the Russian Ruble has generated very interesting opportunities, which have been reinforced by the good growth prospects in the long term. 


In the last 20 years, the World Banks Group has supported the Ukrainian budget with more than 4 billion dollars of programmatic loans that force the country to implement several reforms aimed at prosecuting corruption, improving the productivity and quality of the country's export products.


Moreover, after a fall in industrial production in 2014 and 2015, there are abundant untapped resources, at a reduced price, which together with the devaluation, allows companies such as ours to make very competitive acquisitions on behalf of our clients.


Our Board of Directors

Robert Akira Bell



Chairman of the Group

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Tatyana Kolyesnikova

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Conrad Tan Yong Kiat



Import, Exports & Brokering

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Regional Director of Ukraine

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